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Our Team

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The Cal Water H2O Challenge launched in the fall of 2014. Since then Cal Water has hosted our classroom competition each and every year, and in 2019 we are launching an individual media competition as well. We at Cal Water are proud to offer these programs to our service areas and look forward to the year ahead and seeing all the wonderful work from classrooms and students across the state of California.

Behind this program we have a truly invaluable network of team members and partners that work year round to make The Cal Water H2O Challenge the program that it is; ensuring that it promotes strong education around E-STEM principles, caring for water, and the notion of water as a local and global resource, guaranteeing that the program aligns with state and federal curriculum guidelines, working to ease barriers to program implementation within schools, and offering support to teachers and students that wish to participate. With that network in mind, we are honored to introduce our team.

Cal Water Team Members

Photo of Ken Jenkins

Ken Jenkins

Director of Water Resource Sustainability
Photo of Melinda Weinrich

Melinda Weinrich

Conservation Manager

DoGoodery Team Members

Headshot of Anne Marie Chan, smiling, green leaves smiling behind her.

Anne Marie Chan

Administrative Manager
Photo of Candice Russell

Candice Russell

Director, Education for Sustainable Development
Headshot of Caroline Quien, against a grassy, tree-filled backdrop.

Caroline Quien

Communications Coordinator
Photo of Chris Hutton

Chris Hutton

Director, Programs Administration
Photo of Christiane Maertens

Christiane Maertens

Evelyn Guerrero

Evelyn Guerrero

Operations Manager
Photo of Kristen Kunkle

Kristen Kunkle

Director, Impact and Programs Strategy
Photo of Laurie Monserrat

Laurie Monserrat

Educator Consulstant

Teacher Ambassadors

Image of teacher ambassador Emily Akimoto

Emily Akimoto

Image of teacher ambassador Melissa Innocenzi

Melissa Innocenzi

Image of teacher ambassador Nicole Williams

Nicole Williams

Image of teacher ambassador Rachel Lenix

Rachel Lenix

Image of teacher ambassador Shawn McCarty

Shawn McCarty

Image of teacher ambassador Tammy Janos

Tammy Janos


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