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A Splash of Creativity Awardees


We are so proud of all the entrants to A Splash of Creativity; the submitted artwork and statements were heartfelt and powerful and each and every participant did an amazing job. Thank you all for doing your part to care for California’s water!

You can find the winning submissions below and can click through for a closer view and to read statements from the artists.

Every Drop Counts
Honorable Mention | 3rd - 5th
Every Drop Counts (2023)
Chloe, Westlake Village
Stream of Beauty
Special Recognition | 3rd - 5th
Stream of Beauty (2023)
Eleanor, Chico
Save Our Water (2023)
Excellence in Art | 3rd - 5th
Save Our Water (2023) (2023)
Raniya, Westlake Village
Save Our Planet (2023)
Grand Prize | 3rd - 5th
Save Our Planet (2023) (2023)
Ivy, Westlake Village
A water color of a woman crying. Her eyes are earths. Her hair on the left is dying leaves. Her hair on the right side is bright, vibrant leaves full of flowers. A hummingbird is feeding from her flowers. Her hands are cupped below her face, a pool of water in her hands. Text over the image reads: "Save Water Save Life. Every Drop Counts"
Excellence in Art | 9th - 12th
Save Water Save Life (2022)
Agnes, San Mateo
A marker drawing on a blue background. A woman stands on the right, her hair flowing to the left, with bright blue highlights. She wears a green shirt and a skirt blowing to the left like her hair, decorated in flowers. Her arms hold a pool of water with fishes swimming. A caption reads: Love, Share, and take Care of earth's water.
Grand Prize | 6th - 8th
Take Care of Earth's Water (2022)
H, Stockton
Watercolor painting with potted succulents on the left in bright green  and pink. On the right, a hand pours water into the succulents from a purple container.
Excellence in Art | 6th - 8th
Watering Flask (2022)
Hazel, Visalia
A photo of a mixed media art project on green construction paper. A painted yellow sun in the top left. Wispy cotton ball clouds in the sky. A quote among the clouds: "Food grows where water flows." Below are painted mountains, a house made of cornhusks, with a chimney and sidewalk of lentils, surrounded by trees of pine leaves and snow made of salt.
Grand Prize | 3rd - 5th
Safe Water (2022)
Angelita, Bakersfield
A pen and crayon drawing with an earth frowning. The waters of the earth are filled with various garbage (forks, buckets, cups, etc.). Dolphins wearing red capes circle around the earth. Text in pen reads: We can help.  We are dolphins.
Excellence in Art | 3rd - 5th
Untitled (2022)
Midas, Carson
In the top left is a drawing of a dog holding a water bottle with a bubble that says, "Save Water!" Below that, in the bottom center of the page is a marker drawing of a person drinking water from a faucet on the right. Water flows from the faucet, with fish swimming in it, while a hand guides the water. The person is made of water, plants, fish, trees, and earth.
Special Recognition | 3rd - 5th
We Survive with Water (2022)
Jocelyn, Carson
Brown mountain with sparse green plants on the left side. A blue river runs through the center of the picture to the right side, ending at a horizon line half way up the page. Gray shores border the river, with clumps of gray rocks peaking through the water. On the horizon line is a stretch of green grass below more brown mountains. Above the horizon, the sun sets over the river, the sky bleeding up from yellow to orange, to red, to dark blue. Clouds and birds can be seen amid the changing colors.
Honorable Mention | 3rd - 5th
How to Save Water (2022)
Juquila, King City
A blue sky over a dirty, green lake. To the left, a machine (in grey and black) with pipes pulling out water from the dirty lake, and pouring out clean water in a glass.
Featured Entry | K - 2nd
Clean Machine (2022)
Gracie, Chico