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About H2Oath


H2Oath is an online offering providing the opportunity for students to commit to pledges around caring for water. Open to any grade, the pledges offered allow students to make a commitment to making a difference at home and in their communities, while also offering educational trivia around water topics and the pledges to which students commit.

Commit to making a difference. Pledge and take action to care for water at home and in your community.


Individual pledges may be undertaken by kids and students in any grade and without limitation by service area.

Classroom pledges (coming soon) will only available for classrooms located within a Cal Water Service Area.

The Pledges

Our pledges page contains an assortment of water-based pledges. For each pledge that you submit, associated water facts are displayed around caring for water. Commit to make a difference and learn a little bit about how that pledge can help!

Coming Soon

Currently, this program is only available for individual students, however, H2Oath will open to classrooms soon, with additional opportunities for participating classes. Please subscribe, or check back here, for more information as we continue to rollout our H2Oath offerings.