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About Aqua Adventures

Enter your classroom into the drawing today. Win one of three daytrip experiences teaching your students about caring for water!


Photograph of smiling 5th grade students with the Pacific ocean at their backs.  A few children are raising their hands.


Welcome to the first year of Aqua Adventures through Cal Water's Tap Into Learning!

Aqua Adventures is an environmentally-focused offering for classrooms, grades 4-6. Brought to you in conjunction with DoGoodery and Cal Water, this program offers free water and nature-based field trips for upper elementary classrooms in Cal Water service areas. Teachers simply enter their classroom online for a chance at one of six annual field trips.

We are honored and privileged to offer this experience to fourth-sixth grade classrooms in a Cal Water service area. Thank you for your interest in Aqua Adventures. We hope that you will consider joining us in our inaugural year.

The Class Trip

Photograph of a 5th grade girls, wearing glasses and holding a test tube.


Aqua Adventures is dividied into six regions with one trip offered per region per year for six annual field trips. Selected classrooms will benefit from a prepaid water and/or nature-based field experience to a location within their region. These trips are FREE single-day experiences with all expenses (travel, site, lunch) included. The dates of each field trip are dependent upon the corresponding site.  

This year's field trip offerings include daytrips to California Academy of Sciences, Scout Island, and Aquarium of the Pacific.


Photograph of a large group of students ascending a hill on a sunny day, brown grasslands on either edge of the trail.


Eligible classrooms must be:

  • Grades 4, 5, and/or 6
  • Entered by their teacher
  • Based in a Cal Water service area - Check for Your School!