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H2Oath Pledges


Submit your individual pledges about caring for water below. Click 'Pledge Now' for each pledge to which you wish to commit and learn a little bit about how that pledge can help make a difference!

I pledge to turn the water off as I brush my teeth, only turning it on to rinse.
 I pledge to take a shower instead of a bath
I pledge to take shorter showers.
I pledge to help load the dishwasher and make sure it is full, instead of hand-washing dishes.
I pledge to check my household faucets for leaks
I pledge to check my garden hoses for leaks.
I pledge to help convince my family to water our lawn in the early morning or early evening.
I pledge to sweep my driveway, garage, or sidewalk instead of cleaning it with the hose.
I pledge to help convince my family to combine their errands, carpool to work, or use more public transportation.
I pledge to eat more vegetables and less meat.