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Web Series

Learn what it means to take part in the Cal Water H2O Classroom Challenge. Join us each year as we kick-off the annual competition. Follow along with multiple teachers as they tackle the Challenge with their students. What types of water issues do they take on? How do they engage their students in the project? Why do they participate? Sit back as the Challenge gets underway and witness how classrooms across California are caring for water in their local area.

Season 2022

2022 Ep1
2022 Ep2
2022 Ep3
2022 Ep4
2022 Ep5
2022 Ep6

Season 2021

2021 Ep 01
2021 Ep 02
2021 Ep 03
2021 Ep 04
2021 Ep5

Season 2020

2020 Ep1
2020 Ep2
2020 Ep3
2020 Ep4
2020 Ep5
2020 Ep6
2020 Ep7