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Join the competition! California classrooms and school-based clubs, grades 4-6, in a Cal Water service area can participate.

An icon representing the individual challenge opportunity.

An art competition for individual students, grades K-12, in a Cal Water service area. Submit your water-themed art!

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$100 Project Grants for Classroom Water Projects in a Cal Water service area.
Available Year Round.

Our Team

The Cal Water H2O Challenge is proud of the dedicated work of its team members and partners and all that they bring to the program each and every year.


Need advice on your project? Tips on submissions? Curious about additional resources? Speak with our teacher consultant.

Grants & Water Links

Looking for water project grants?  Links on water-related environmental issues?  Dive in!

About Cal Water H2O Challenges

The Cal Water H2O Challenge, currently in its ninth year, began as a classroom competition in 2014. In 2021, the program expanded to offer multiple routes to participate.  

To date over 375 classrooms have participated in the Classroom Challenge. We are honored and privileged to continue to offer this experience to fourth-sixth grade classrooms, and school-based clubs, in a Cal Water service area, inviting them to develop and implement solutions for local water issues.

Cal Water H2O Challenge's Individual Challenge is an art competition in which students submit original artwork focused on caring for water. This competition is open to individual students in grades K-12 living in a Cal Water service area, and offers multiple tiers of competition.

Cal Water H2O Challenge's Grants Program offers $100 grants to teachers proposing classroom water projects, outside of the Classroom Challenge. Applications are open year round to teachers in grades 4-6 teaching in a Cal Water service area.