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Featured Entries

We are so proud of all the entrants to our Individual Challenge; the submitted artwork and statements were heartfelt and powerful and each and every participant did an amazing job. Thank you all for doing your part to care for California’s water! 

You can find featured submissions below and can click through for a closer view and to read statements from the artists. These artists tackled the challenge before the early submission deadline, submitting their work a month early. Would you like your submission featured? Make sure to submit your entry by the early submission deadline.

2023 A brown circle on a black background with a hand in the foreground. Water runs down the hand in tiny drops. A few stars are featured within the black background.
Featured Entry | 3rd - 5th
The Last of It All (2023)
Shyann, Chico
2023 Blue watercolor skies with clouds on the left and right side and rain falling over green areas with blue water color rivers. In the middle there is no rain and no grass, only browns of a desert.
Featured Entry | 3rd - 5th
California in a Drought (2023)
Heidi, Chico
2023 Land in the foreground with mountains in the background and a blue sky above. The land on the left is dry with rocks and fires and charred trees and plants. The land on the right is lush and green with vibrant bushes and happy animals. On the upper right a pair of hands holds a pool of water draining over the mountains. Save Our Water is written in the sky. Over the mountains two other messages are written. Water is our friend. Treat it nicely.
Featured Entry | 3rd - 5th
Stream of Beauty (2023)
Eleanor, Chico
2023 Blue sky and a sun over mountains and green fields, with a door opening through the mountains to an image of dried fields.
Featured Entry | 3rd - 5th
2016 vs. 2022 (2023)
Felicity, Chico
2023 Colored pencils illustration of a cactus behind a puddle of water with a sunset behind it, the sky in variations of yellow, orange, and red.
Featured Entry | 3rd - 5th
The Last Puddle of Water (2023)
Marjorie, Chico