What is it?

Our classroom competition is not the only way that you can participate in Cal Water H2O Challenge. You can pledge to make a difference and let us know that you are doing your part.

Take the pledge as a classroom! Participation is open to any grade K-12.

Simply fill out the form and let us know what you plan to do to take care of water in your community! This can range from turning off the faucet when you brush your teeth, to founding a water conservation club, starting a native plant garden, or installing rain barrels at your school.

Think of how you want to care for the water in your community and let us know.

Cal Water H2O Challenge Pledge Form

Tell us what your classroom is going to do to make a difference caring for water in your community. The sky is the limit. You can pledge to make a difference in any way, big or small:

Get your classroom involved today. Tackle a local issue through project-based learning and make a difference in your community!